Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Four Confessions of a Burglar for Summer Break Ins

Homeowners can learn how to improve security through confessions of a burglar.  By learning how burglars access homes you can take the appropriate steps to make sure those methods don't work on your property.  Here are 4 confessions that you can take a lesson from this summer.

Hired Workers
“Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I
was working in your yard. While I was in there, I unlatched the window to make my return easier.’’

While the workers replacing your driveway, installing your pool, or doing your landscaping may seem trustworthy be cautious.  You have likely not done a background check on these people and although 99% are probably honest citizens you don't know if the ones at your home include the 1% who are not.

Not ONLY Looking for Piled up Mail and Newspapers
“Yes, I really do look for newspapers and mail to be piled up in the driveway. I might even leave a pizza flyer on your front door to see how long it takes you to remove it.’’
Summer is a time for vacations and burglars are hoping to
target homes in which the residents are on vacation.  You may have heard that burglars look to see if you have left newspapers or mail to accumulate which is a valid approach.  In addition they may take matters into their own hands since they are aware you may have cancelled the paper or held the mail.  A pizza flyer you won't have planned on, however. Unless you have someone coming to your house while you are away to remove the flyer, that pizza flyer will be a signal that you aren't home for an extended period.  

Burglars Won't Appear Obvious 

“Sometimes I walk around a neighbourhood carrying flyers. Sometimes I dress like a lawn guy. I work hard to never, ever look like a crook.’’
Do you assume the burglar planning to break into your house wears a ski mask?  If so, you are most likely incorrect.  A potential thief will do their best to hide their identity.  The summer time gives the perfect opportunity to pretend to be a legitimate business person.  Be aware of who is in the neighborhood and who is checking out your home.  

No Rain Days
“It’s a rainy day. You are fumbling with your umbrella to stay dry, so you forgot to lock your door. I
completely understand. But understand this: I don’t take a day off because of the rain.’’
It is important to always, always lock your doors even if it isn't convenient.  You may not want to spend an extra second out in the rain but the burglar won't be deterred by a little bad weather if it means access to your house and your valuables.  

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Confession of a Burglar: Time is Money

What Entrance?  

The latest confession of a burglar is about making their grand entrance.  They know time is very important, and in addition to planning, they have to know when to strike.  Their methods for learning about your valuables and how to tell if you're not home is the difference between success and failure. 

Burglars want to be in and out as quickly as possible.  They have no idea when you're going to come back and they don't want to be caught.  Professional burglars use six minutes to steal your belongings.  The average criminal takes less time.  They eye the most prized possessions (electronics, jewelry, small appliances, etc) and get out the door with ease. 

What to Steal?

As far as knowing what to steal, it's the homeowner's responsibility not to flaunt what they have.  Unfortunately, many do not heed the warning.  Burglars are painted to be complete strangers but they are also people you know.  Even if you don't flaunt your wealth, burglars use their connection to you to enter your home.  When you invite guests inside you tell them to sit in the living room or family room and stay there.  Watch out for guests that want to look at the entire home.  Watch out for guests that get up and look without your permission.  More than likely, they are browsing to see what you own.  If they don't know you, they may pose as a plumber, electrician, delivery person or other important official to enter your home. Don't let anyone in that you don't know or ask to come over. 

Who else is involved?

To tell if you're not home, criminals use the delivery person.  The unsuspecting delivery person will knock on the door and leave packages near the entrance.  If you don't respond, they'll know you're not home.  Burglars trail the delivery person and let him or her do all the work.  It's the easiest way for burglars to see if anyone is home before making a grand entrance. 

How long?
Time is money to burglars and they don't want to waste a moment.  Don't make it easy for them to steal your items.  Be careful whom you invite into your home and try to be present when a package arrives.  If you can't be there, make sure someone is there to pick it up. 

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